Our process sets our water apart

Don’t take for granted the quality of the water you drink. Water that was designed to be hydrogen and oxygen is now often an unknown chemical cocktail. QH2O uses the latest technology multi-stage purification process to produce ultra pure drinking water.

Creating ultra pure drinking water for you

We’re proud of our water. It tastes great, is excellent for hydration, and is based on science encompassing multi-media conversions, reverse osmosis and ozonation. QH2O adopts the best available technology to create our ultra pure water. Specifically, our ultra pure water is:
     • free from dissolved and entrained materials found in municipal waters or spring water;
     • totally free from bacteria and viruses which cannot be removed through filtration alone; and
     • made safe by innovative use of on-site generated ozone, a premium process, more effective than the use of ultra-violet radiation or chlorination.

Formulated to work in harmony with the body’s natural process of hydration, the science behind QH2O’s water makes it the most effective water available hydrating the body. No reticulated, spring water, de-ionised or distilled water can achieve the same result.

Try ultra pure water and experience the difference!