Retail, Commercial, Industrial & Mining Solutions

QH2O offers a range of products to suit specific drinking water needs, and provides advice on product selection, dispensing options, delivery and retrieval. 

Our approach to creating water solutions

Most people think water is just something you drink, but at QH2O we “live and breathe it”.

As such, QH2O provides a tailored approach to sourcing, treating, bottling, delivering, dispensing, and bottle and equipment retrieval. Through our engagement with the market, we realise end-to-end solutions are necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Our water supply solutions ensure that at every step and across many levels along our products’ journey from source to customer and back, we remain in contact and monitor the transaction.

 This approach encompasses: diverse product packaging; highly adapted delivery vehicles; attentive customer service; innovative dispensing technology; and diligent bottle and equipment retrieval with sustainability in mind. We have avoided “throw away” solutions wherever possible, and have gained essential customer support for this approach.

Retail solutions

Our retail stores stock “Waterworks” brand electric coolers and dispensers, easy to install in-home water purification systems as well as various accessories like our popular benchtop dispensers (available in a variety of colours and styles to suit any décor) and decorative porcelain crocks.

Our two retail stores –  Mt Isa and Gladstone – are open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm and Saturday from 9am – 12pm. So come and say hello! If you can’t get to us we  offer a full home and office delivery service. 


  • 15 L recyclable bottles
  • 600 ml bottles
  • 1.5 L bottles
  • 10 L fridge packs

Points of use

  • Water coolers for purchase or rent
  • Bench Top dispensers
  • Pump dispensers
  • Filter housings
  • Filter elements
  • Dispenser and cooler spares

Home and office delivery

Why not get us to come to you? We provide a free delivery service for 15 litre bottles to your home or office once a week. All of our bottles have conveniently molded handles for easy handling and transportation. QH2O rented coolers are equipped with a unique no-spill system. These coolers allow you to place a bottle on the cooler with assurance of no water spillage. The cooler pierces a specially designed cap as it is placed onto the cooler. More importantly, the water inside the cooler is sealed off from all outside/airborne contaminants.

Industrial / Mining / Commercial solutions


  • 15 L bottles
  • Bulk supply in 1,000 L recoverable/refillable pods
  • Ultra pure ice

Points of use

  • QH2O designed and constructed water dispensing units
  • Bulk chillers and / or ice machines
  • Pods fitted with locking points to assist with secure storage in warehouses, during delivery, and on sites