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QH2O offers the best Ultra Pure drinking water in Queensland. Based in Mt Isa and Gladstone, our 15L water bottle delivery service also includes water bottle coolers, accessories and bulk 1000L pods. We believe our QH2O Ultra Pure Water is the best you can get! We offer FREE DELIVERY to most suburbs within Gladstone and Mt Isa because we want everyone to experience the QH2O difference in the most convenient way,

Our mission is to hydrate every Queenslander with the best tasting, ultra pure drinking water possible. QH2O is not just a water company, we are a hydration company. 

We care about our customers health, safety and well being and this is why we only provide the highest standard in drinking water. 

So what are you waiting for? Taste the QH2O difference today!

Safe to  drink

Our ultra pure drinking water is free from chemicals and entrained materials found in spring water and reticulated tap water, making it safe for you and your family.

QH2O WATER tastes  better

 Our Ultra Pure Water is free from dissolved and entrained materials found in municipal and spring waters. Making it safe for you and your family.Our Ultra Pure Water is free from dissolved and entrained materials found in municipal and spring waters. Making it safe for you and your fami


Be greeted by the Water Man or Woman on your delivery day who will drop your water off at your preferred location!

Benefits Of Drinking

Our  process  sets us  apart

Don’t take for granted the quality of the water you drink. Water that was designed to be hydrogen and oxygen is now often an unknown chemical cocktail. QH2O uses the latest technology multi-stage purification process to produce Ultra Pure drinking water.

 Better than  filters

Qh2o has sourced the best available technology and processes form around the world to produce the best tasting ultra pure drinking water.

Backed  by science

Based on a scientific approach to water treatment. We encompass multi media filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation.  Our premium process is more effective than ultra violet light or chlorination. 


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your delivery

Be greeted by the Water Man or Woman on delivery day who drop your water off right at your front door! 

Mt Isa


QH2O is a locally owned and operated business which provides you with the safest, highest quality 15L bottled drinking water possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and develop the right solutions for all your water requirements while offering friendly and reliable delivery service to your door. QH2O brings intelligence to the treatment, bottling, supply, and distribution of Ultra Pure Water. We are confident in the tangible benefits to be gained from drinking​our Ultra Pure Water as it not only offers you immeasurable health benefits, it also guarantees to please and refresh. So make the choice to take care of yourself and your loved ones for just a few cents a day. 

​What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


QH2O Gladstone cares so much about the people of Gladstone that we want everyone drinking the best quality drinking water to keep us hydrated and healthy. The Healthy Hydration Club is a way of life. Subscribing to our water delivery service and making a conscious effort to choose to drink water over sugary soft drinks should be a priority to all of us.  

We have decided to give away a premium Odyssey cooler to anyone who signs up for this amazing 12 month subscription. Now everyone has the opportunity to experience the difference Ultra Pure Water has to offer at an affordable prices. This deal is suitable for couples, families and businesses.


We currently operate out of 2 locations in Queensland with the hopes to expand to new locations in the near future.

Mt Isa