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Retail,  Commercial &  INDUSTRIAL Solutions

QH2O offers a range of products to suit specific drinking water needs, and provides advice on product selection, dispensing options, delivery and retrieval. 

Our Solutions
Home and Office
Our Process
Our Story
Our Solutions

Our  approach  to  creating  water  solutions

Most people think water is just something you drink, but at QH2O we “live and breathe it”. 

As such, QH2O provides a tailored approach to sourcing, treating, bottling, delivering, dispensing, and bottle and equipment retrieval. Through our engagement with the market, we realise end-to-end solutions are necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Our water supply solutions ensure that at every step and across many levels along our products’ journey from source to customer and back, we remain in contact and monitor the transaction. 

 This approach encompasses: diverse product packaging; highly adapted delivery vehicles; attentive customer service; innovative dispensing technology; and diligent bottle and equipment retrieval with sustainability in mind. We have avoided “throw away” solutions wherever possible, and have gained essential customer support for this approach.

Retail solutions

Our retail stores stock “Waterworks” brand electric coolers and dispensers, easy to install in-home water purification systems as well as various accessories like our popular benchtop dispensers (available in a variety of colours and styles to suit any décor) and decorative porcelain crocks. 

Our two retail stores –  Mt Isa and Gladstone – are open 

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm and Saturday from 9am – 12pm.  

So come and say hello! If you can’t get to us we  offer a full home and office delivery service. 

Home and Office

HOme  and  office  delivery

We provide a free delivery service for 15 litre bottles to your home or office once a week. All of our bottles have conveniently molded handles for easy handling and transportation. QH2O rented coolers are equipped with a unique no-spill system. These coolers allow you to place a bottle on the cooler with assurance of no water spillage. 

More importantly, the water inside the cooler is sealed off from all outside/airborne contaminants.


Industrial , mining  &   COmmercial  solutions

Water coolers for purchase or rent
15L bottles
Bulk supply in 1,000 L refillable pods
Ultra pure ice

Points  of  use
QH2O designed and constructed water dispensing units
Bulk chillers and ice machines
Pods fitted with locking points to assist with secure storage in warehouses during delivery and on sites
Our Process

Our  PRocesS  Sets  our  water  apart

Don’t take for granted the quality of the water you drink. Water that was designed to be hydrogen and oxygen is now often an unknown chemical cocktail. QH2O uses the latest technology multi-stage purification process to produce ultra pure drinking water.

We’re proud of our water. It tastes great, is excellent for hydration, and is based on science encompassing multi-media conversions, reverse osmosis and ozonation. QH2O adopts the best available technology to create our ultra pure water. Specifically, our ultra pure water is: 

   • free from dissolved and entrained materials found in municipal waters or spring water; 
  • totally free from bacteria and viruses which cannot be removed through filtration alone; and 
  • made safe by innovative use of on-site generated ozone, a premium process, more effective than the use of ultraviolet radiation or chlorination.

Formulated to work in harmony with the body’s natural process of hydration, the science behind QH2O’s water makes it the most effective water available hydrating the body. No reticulated, spring water, deionised or distilled water can achieve the same result. 

Try ultra pure water and experience the difference!
Our Story

Qh20  mt  isa story

QH2O is built on a generous legacy of commercial, scientific, and economic development interests in northern and central Queensland. Business partners, Darcy & Karin Redman and Sam & Belinda Balch developed Mount Isa QH2O with a commitment to providing an appropriate drinking water for the harsh environment. 

 This quickly became a quest to manufacture locally and to provide high quality drinking water at an acceptable price. Applying world leading water treatment science consolidated through study under a Churchill Fellowship awarded to Darcy in 2005, QH20 water was refined in type, production methods and systems for safe keeping. No other water meets hydration requirements in a better way. 

Ben and Linda Gudgeon, captivated by the Mount Isa water phenomenon, were keen to take it to Ben’s hometown of Gladstone on Queensland’s central coast. QH2O Gladstone was opened in 2007. From there they have expanded their supply region to include Rockhampton and Bundaberg.  

 This intelligent approach to water quality and supply inspired the partnership to derive our “Q philosophy”, which sums up the company’s business approach, integrating quality and intelligence, and embracing the values of local production.

Think water? Think of QH2O!

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