QH2O is a locally owned and operated business which provides you with the highest quality drinking water possible. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and develop the right solutions for all your water requirements.

QH2O Gladstone's Story

QH2O is built on a generous legacy of commercial, scientific, and economic development interests in northern and central Queensland. Business partners, Darcy & Karin Redman and Sam & Belinda Balch developed Mount Isa QH2O with a commitment to providing an appropriate drinking water for the harsh environment.

This quickly became a quest to manufacture locally and to provide high quality drinking water at an acceptable price. Applying world leading water treatment science consolidated through study under a Churchill Fellowship awarded to Darcy in 2005, QH20 water was refined in type, production methods and systems for safe keeping. No other water meets hydration requirements in a better way.

Ben and Linda Gudgeon, captivated by the Mount Isa water phenomenon, were keen to take it to Ben’s hometown of Gladstone on Queensland’s central coast. QH2O Gladstone was opened in 2007.

This intelligent approach to water quality and supply inspired the partnership to derive our “Q philosophy”, which sums up the company’s business approach, integrating quality and intelligence, and embracing the values of local production.


Founded QH2O Gladstone in 2007.



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