Don't want to commit to anything just yet? You don't have to! Decide when you want your water and receive free delivery on the next available date to your suburb.



You decide how much water you would like delivered to you each month. Order once and get this on repeat each month. If you need to adjust the amount just let us know and we can update it for you. The minimum order amount for delivery is 3 bottles. 


Add-on a ceramic water well or a hand held manual pump to your subscription  for 50% off the RRP price. These are essential items that everyone can use. They are perfect for those who do not have a cooler or for those who require more ways to access their water anywhere anytime.


The best part about the Healthy Hydration Club Monthly Subscription is that you don't have to worry about anything. All payments are deducted automatically from your account. To set this up, our team will send you an email with a link to securely add your card payment details online using STRIPE. This is then used to process all your future transactions seamlessly. When you order our Ultra Pure water, we will charge your account and you immediately receive an email confirming the payment. Your payment details are encrypted meaning we will never see or have access to your card details making it the safest way to pay! Your card can be removed or updated at anytime.


Manage your account anytime, anywhere. We'll send you an invitation to set up your QH2O Online Portal. You just need to set up a unique password and logging into your QH2O Online Portal. Track your invoices, statements, payments made and view and update your personal information all in one place. 


Everything you need to know about the Healthy Hydration Club 12 month Subscription.

What is a Subscription Water?

Our QH2O Subscription Water is effortless water delivery to your door. 

There are so many things we need to do each day, remembering to order water shouldn't be one of them.  Sign up to QH2O Subscription Water and we will do all the hard work for you. Choose how frequently you would like delivery (fortnightly or monthly) and choose how much water you would like delivered and then receive  your order. We will even let you know via SMS one day before we come to remind you to leave our your empty bottles!

Your account will be charged automatically and you will receive an invoice straight away via email. You can also check your account history, payments and update your personal details in a secure online customer portal. This can be accessed anytime so you don't have to worry about calling during office hours.

What if I need more water on my next delivery??

You can adjust the plan your subscribed to at any time. The minimum number of bottles you can receive per order is 3. To change your bottle amount you will need to contact our team at least 4 days before your scheduled delivery. This is because we automatically charge your account 3 days before delivery day. Get in touch with our team via phone, email or facebook message and we will quickly adjust the amount for you! 

What if I go on holidays and need to pause my account?

We understand that you might not always be home to receive or use your water. This is my we have a pause feature. We allow you to use for when you are on holidays. All you need to do is let us know a minimum of  4 days before your scheduled delivery to qualify. If you miss this date you will be charged as normal. If you are pausing for more than 3 weeks, you will need to return your empty bottles to our store before you leave so we can ensure they are cleaned for health and safety reasons.

The pause feature is not to be abused or you will be transferred to the Pay As You Go plan.

How do I cancel my Subscription with QH2O?

There are 2 ways to do this.

1. Login to your Customer Portal. Click on the subscriptions tab, then click on your subscription. 

You will see the cancel subscription button on the top right.  

2. Send an email to team@gladstoneqh2o.com.au

Your cancellation will be effective after the following delivery. 

You will need to return all QH2O 15L Pure Water Bottles in your possession back to QH2O Gladstone to finalise your subscription cancellation. We will schedule a bottle pickup free of charge. If you are not available on the day of collection, please drop your bottles off at 36 Chapple St, Gladstone Central QLD

Failure to do so within 30 days of your next scheduled delivery day will incur a $20 fee per outstanding bottle on your account. 

What happens if I am not home to collect my delivery?

Not home? No problem.

Our staff will drop off your bottles in a safe place at your house or business. When you have empty bottles from your previous order, leave in a place visible to the street that is safe. Our driver will swap your empties with your order placed. If you do not have a safe place to leave your water, unfortunately we will not be able to complete the delivery. Please contact us for more information on this.

Please make sure you don't forget to leave your bottles out as we have a no empties, no swap policy. 

You can also pick up your order from the QH2O Gladstone Store during opening hours if delivery is not possible. See our opening hours here.

When can I expect my delivery?

Once you sign up to a QH2O account, our team will be in touch with you about when your monthly delivery will be. We travel to most suburbs fortnightly unless outside the 4680 area in which we deliver monthly. Click here to see the delivery timetable.

What is your bottle return process?

All customers must return the QH2O bottles within 30 days. This is strictly for health and safety reasons.

You can return the bottles to our store at 36 Chapple Street in Gladstone or if you have ordered a delivery, leave your empty bottles out for our friendly staff to collect. If no bottles are left out on the date of your delivery we will not deliver your next order. This order will be then be collectable from our store.

Any outstanding bottles will incur a fee of $20 bottle.

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