QH2O Gladstone cares so much about the people of Gladstone drinking the best quality drinking that we have decided to give away a premium Odyssey cooler to anyone who signs up for this amazing 12 month subscription. Now everyone has the opportunity to experience the difference Ultra Pure Water has to offer at an affordable price. This deal is suitable for couples, families and businesses.



You are in control.

Choose between fortnightly or monthly deliveries to your home or business. 

Going on holidays? No worries, let us know and we will pause your account.

*If outside the 4680 area code your deliveries will be monthly


You decide how much water you would like delivered to you. If choosing the fortnightly option there is a minimum of 4 bottles of Ultra Pure Water and if choosing the monthly option the minimum order is 8 bottles.  Deliveries are swap for swap.  Please see T&Cs for full details.


Our team will contact you to organise a time that suits you to deliver your water cooler. This is the most exciting time as you will receive your FREE Water Cooler, we can help you set it up in your home or business. We will show you how to use it and give you some tips on how to clean and maintain your cooler. You will receive 1 extra 15L bottle of water on your first delivery to ensure you have enough bottles for swapping to take advantage of your full subscription.  


The best part about the Healthy Hydration Club Ultimate Subscription is that you don't have to worry about anything. All deliveries are scheduled for the next 12 months and all payments are deducted automatically from your account. We use Stripe to safely store and protect your card information. Once a payment is made you receive instant notifications via email. You can also track your invoices, statements and payments and update your card information through your own QH2O Online Portal!


Manage your subscription anytime, anywhere. We'll send you an invitation to set up your QH2O online portal. You just need to set up a unique password and log into your QH2O Online Portal. Track your invoices, statements, payments made and update your personal information all in one place.


Everything you need to know about the Healthy Hydration Club 12 month Subscription.

What happens if I dont leave all my bottles out on my delivery day ?

We love our bottles.  

They are expensive for us to buy and we need to collect them each time we visit our customers. 

You will be given one extra bottle to allow one bottle on your dispenser and the rest available for swapping.

Our delivery service is strictly swap for swap.  No empties-No full bottles.  If we are unable to deliver your full subscription you may collect your extra bottles from our store up until your next subscription charge date.  Dont forget to bring your empties.

Will you re deliver ?

We will do our best.

Our delivery service is free on your scheduled day only.  If we are unable to complete your delivery for any reason such as no payment or no empties made available, you may collect your order from our store at 36 Chapple st Gladstone. 

How do I pay?

When you sign up for your order online using the form above, you will be taken to a checkout page where you will be required to give your payment information. You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Maestro. The card you choose will also be charged for future recurring payments. 

Does my subscription accumulate ?


Your subscription re news each fortnight or month depending on your chosen charge frequency. 

We will deliver your subscription on your scheduled delivery day.  We only swap empties for full bottles.  If we are unable to deliver your full subscription you may collect your remaining bottles from our store when you return your empty bottles.  You may collect your remaining bottles up until your next subscription charge date.

What kind of cooler will I receive?
The Odyssey Series Bottled water cooler offers unparalleled value in bottled ambient-and cold drinking water dispensers. The modern cooler is the perfect unit for family homes, renters and small-offices all year round, especially in the Summer heat.

Key Features

·  2.5 Litres Per Hour

·  Stylish front facade made from high-quality materials

·  Durable polypropylene self-closing taps, only one hand required

·  Food-grade, stainless-steel water contact tubes

·  Easy-to-clean, removable drip tray.

·  12-months standard warranty.

·  36-months refrigeration circuit warranty.

·  Full range of replacement parts.

The Odyssey Series is a free-standing unit available in ambient and cold configuration. The series has a 2.5 L tank and is an excellent choice for any application, dispensing 2.5 L of cold water per hour.

The cooler is created from high-quality materials including food-grade and stainless-steel water contact tubes. The durable plastic coupled with steel side panels for strength makes this unit perfect for home and small office use.

The Odyssey range is covered with a twelve-month standard warranty and an additional twenty-four month refrigeration system coverage. A full range of replacement parts are available to keep the unit in operation for longer.

What happens if I am not home to receive my delivery?

Not home? No problem.

Please make sure your bottles are left in an easy to access and safe location for our drivers to complete your delivery.

If you do not have a safe place to leave your water, unfortunately we will not be able to complete the delivery. You will be able to pickup your order from the QH2O Gladstone Store. See our opening hours here.

What If I don't drink 4 bottles per fortnight and want less water?
We will deliver up to 4 bottles each fortnight to encourage you to drink more water in the hotter and cooler months.

Deliveries are strictly swap for swap, no empties no full bottles.  We only swap the empty bottles left out for our drivers.  If we are unable to complete your full subscription delivery you may collect the remaining bottles from our store up until the next subscription charge.  Dont forget to bring  your empties.

What if I need more than 4 bottles a fortnight?
You can add additional bottles of Ultra Pure Water to your order for only $10.50 extra per bottle. This is a discounted HHC Member only price!

You must let our team know 1 day before your delivery if you require extra bottles.

You can order extra bottle for a once off or we can set your subscription to include extra bottles each delivery.  Once off extra bottles must be returned at your next scheduled delivery. 

What if I need to cancel my subscription before the 12 months is up?

By signing up to the Healthy Hydration Club you are signing up to a 12 month contract.

If you decide to cancel your subscription before the 12 months is up, you will be required to payout the remaining amount of the contract in full. 

Alternatively you could transfer this subscription to another person in the QH2O delivery area for the remaining duration of the subscription contract term. If transferring the subscription the cooler and all bottles must be transferred to the person taking up the remaining subscription. 

The Odyssey water cooler remains the property of QH2O until the 12 month subscription is finished or paid in full. All 15L bottles always remain the property of QH2O and must be returned within 2 weeks of cancellation. Unreturned bottles are charged as per the terms and conditions of QH2O. 

Pleases refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

What happens at the end of the 12 months?

The cooler is yours to keep!

You can choose to go on another plan or offer that is running at that time or choose to be a Pay As You Go Customer.

If you decide to stop receiving water from us after the contract has finished, all 15L Ultra Pure Water bottles must be returned to QH2O Gladstone. Failure to do so will incur a $20 per bottle fee.

How do I access the Online Customer Portal?

As soon as you sign up to the Healthy Hydration Club you will receive an invitation email to the Online Customer Portal. 

Once you accept the invite, you will be asked to create a password to access this portal. Your username is your email address that you used to sign up with QH2O.

Inside this password secured platform, you will be able to not only see your account details, payment history and invoices, but you can update your personal information and payment method here.

Ready to sign up?