Offer Overview
This promotion is a bonus offer giveaway comprising of: A Odyssey Water Cooler at no charge (the Promotion Offer). - The Promotion Offer is offered by QH2O Gladstone (phone 49723564- Or visit 36 Chapple st Gladstone. The purchase price for the 12 month water cooler subscriptions will be received by QH2O. - The Promotion Offer is applicable only to Odyssey Water Coolers. Eligible Participants signing up must pay a one off payment of $988 or $100 up front then $38.00 fortnightly by credit card for the duration of the 12 month contract. 

The Promotion Offer is available only to new customers of QH2O, or existing customers who have not purchased any product within the last 6 months.
The Promotion Offer is available only to Eligible Participants who purchase a new 12 month water cooler subscription which is paid either in full or fortnightly in advance (and does not include renewal of an existing subscription) (New Subscription Only).

Offer Specifics

The Promotion Offer comprises the following components: 

(i) One Odyssey Water Cooler 

(ii) Delivery of four 15l water vessel per fortnight for 26 deliveries. 

You will be delivered 1 extra bottles at the first delivery only. This allows you to have accurate bottles refills available for swapping and one bottle on your cooler. 

Total promotional price for a new 12 month contract is $988 if paid in full. The Odyssey Water Cooler will be included with the initial delivery. The customer must be home to sign and accept the delivery. If the customer is not home when we arrive and no notice was given, a $10 delivery fee will be applied for us to arrange a new delivery date. 

Current Healthy Hydration Club members may purchase additional 15L water bottles at the healthy hydration club rate of $9.50 each at any time which will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day to your area, or sooner at the sole discretion of QH2O. At the end of the Subscription Offer period, QH2O may consider replacing the Promotion Offer with a new offer to be determined and advised by QH2O in its discretion. 

If there is no further Promotion Offer the customer may choose to:

(i) continue to receive their bottled water at the reduced rate of $9.50 per bottle whilst they are on the fortnightly subscription (min of 4 bottles per delivery still applies; 

(ii) reduce the number of bottles in your fortnightly subscription, the rate that will be charged will be the $10.50 per bottle; 

(iii) cancel subscription and return all empty bottles to QH2O or make available for collection next scheduled delivery day. 

Cancellation Policy

Early termination of this contract will require the balance of the remaining contract to be paid in one final payment at the time of cancellation. You may opt to transfer this subscription to another person in the QH2O delivery area for the remaining duration of the subscription contract term. If transferring the subscription the cooler and five bottles must be transferred to the person taking up the remaining subscription. The new subscription participant must complete the subscription forms and agree to the terms and conditions of the subscription.  The Odyssey water cooler remains the property of QH2O until the 12 month subscription is finished or paid in full. All 15L bottles always remain the property of QH2O and must be returned within 2 weeks of cancellation. Unreturned bottles are charged as per the terms and conditions of QH2O. 

The QH2O terms and conditions that are applicable to all customers of QH2O may have effect on this Promotion Offer.